Assassin's Creed 3 Review


Publisher: Ubisoft
Release: 22.11.2012
Genre(s):     Action-adventure, Open- World, stealth                      


Haythem Kenway while sailing to Boston.
As in previous titles of the series, we accompany the protagonist Desmond Miles on his journey through  his ancestors' lives, by the help of a machine called Animus, which allows him to experience the adventures of the assassins in his family tree with his own eyes.
The principle of the game is the same as in the predecessors of the series, you sneak behind  opponents to back stab them with your hidden blades, climb up to dizzy height in detailed cities, explore a gigantic scenery and perform relentless pursuits with guards, through streets and across rooftops. This time, the plot is settled in the 18th century, around  the independence war. Accordingly one gets to meet historically important figures like George Washington or Benjamin Franklin, which even play leading roles in the story line.
Ubisoft has brought up something unusual for the plot this time: One third of the story you command the superiority and strength emitting Haytham Kenway, when suddenly a plot twist happens, the protagonist switches and you are put into the shoes of the Native American named Connor.  


Young Connor



The mission design is excellent throughout the game, only a couple of tasks require too much running from A to B and back. Almost no quests are the same as the others, one has to infiltrate a hostile camp, give battalions the order to shoot while riding on a horse from barricade to barricade, or even sink enemy frigates as a captain of your own ship.
Aside the main story line, there is a ton to discover in the world of Assassin's Creed. The developers provide an endless number of side quests, challenges, mini games, and of course sky high viewpoints.
There are Naval Missions, which send you out on the ocean to sink hostile ships. Delivery Request require you to gather materials like hides for NPCs, you are able to lower the Templar's influence in the cities Boston and New York via Liberation Missions, and you can even enlarge your own estate by doing Homestead Missions.
Grown-up Connor Corner killing a Guard.
As soon as the game puts you into Connors shoes, you learn the ability to hunt, which lets you skin and eviscerate animals to get hides or teeth. There are also so called "Challenges" in the game, small achievement-like features that, for example, require you to perform 10 leaps of faith or kill a certain amount of bears.
Especially the homestead quests are very good, they always tell little stories about the people living on your estate and helps you to develop a deeper bonding to them.
Additionally, it is possible again to recruit new Assassins. At the touch of a button, you can order them to assassinate a target or to riot, making it easier for you to find cover.
To spare yourself unnecessary walking time, you can use the fast travel function of this game, which you can also use in cities after discovering hidden underground exits. Naturally, you can also call your personal horse again by using a whistle and use it to travel through the landscape. The sad thing about these little ponies is that they get stuck at the tiniest obstacles, which makes riding through forests almost an impossible task.

Counter to win!


The Animus Database contains all the important and unimportant Data you collect, the DNA Tracker serves as a Quest log in which you can replay already mastered missions at any given time,.and there is even a Training Center to refine your Assassination skills.
Who is unfamiliar with the controls gets to play a small tutorial at the beginning of the game, people who already played the former Assassin's Creed games should feel comfortable with the controls from the get go. A Game pad is still recommended, since these type of games tend to make your fingers hurt badly if you try to play them with a keyboard. Altogether, the controls of AC3 are, as usual in this series, magnificent. You can climb the highest viewpoint without great effort, and the fights are easy to manage due to the long-known counter mechanics, which sadly makes them very unchallenging most of the time. Generally, especially if you want to achieve 100% synchronisation, you have to be prepared for a lot of try and error, because it is  the only way to figure out the right approach most of the time.Also the fact that a few checkpoints are too distant from each other doesn't make things better.On the contrary, there are also missions where you can just slaughter your way through your enemies without caring about discretion at all, which makes the difficulty level fluctuate from time to time.

Connor, trying to get to cover while running across a battlefield.

Stale, but fitting graphics


The well staged and with Motion Capturing animated fights as well as the detailed, with viewpoints spiked cities of Boston and New York are definitely the graphical highlights. Even if the graphics look a bit stale and the faces a bit wooden from time to time, the visual style fits very well into the overall tone of the game. Atmospheric music and consistent backing vocal round off the acoustic and visual experience.

With about 20-30 hours of play, to which you can add at least another 15 if you try to discover every little secret and master all of the side quests plus the 100% sync, this game offers you a ton of playtime and fun for your money. especially if you compare it's terrific staged plot to genre competitors like GTA 4.


Even though there are a few flaws in it, Assassin's Creed 3 is a first-class game. The new setting in the 18th century really helps to refresh the series, the plot surrounding Ezio was strained a lot in the last 3 titles, and it is a pleasure to finally discover the characters of new protagonists.
The schemes and twists of the story fascinate, although it loses some tension in the mid part, and tends to be a bit confusing every now and then. Because of the sheer number of side quests and secrets you are able to discover, the game offers a lot of variation in between the main plot. The only thing about the story missions that annoys are the sequences outside of the animus, but thank god there are not too many of these.
Assassin's Creed 3 is definitely a must-buy for veterans of the series, especially for the ones craving for innovation plot wise, as well as for Action- Adventure fans in general.


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