Diablo 3 PvP Blog delayed.


As Game Director Jay Wilson states, "some complications have risen", and he is forced to delay his PvP Blog. Also, CEO Mike Morhaime announced once again that there are no plans in eSports for Diablo 3.

Almost 7 months after release of the game, its PvP part is still missing, and no concrete information about the implementation date was provided thus far. When Blizzard announced the arena system of their famous action role-playing game, people interested in competition were full of pleasant anticipation.

Even when they declared a short time prior to the release of Diablo 3 that the Player-vs-Player mode will be added later, trustful customers bought the title in the hope that they would get what they were promised in a reasonable period of time.
Image of one of the still missing arenas in Diablo 3
But 7 months later and they can't even manage to get a blog out? That's not reasonable, this is just bullshit. Since there are no future plans in eSports and the real-money auction house doesn't produce the anticipated income, it seems that Activision Blizzard has abandoned the sinking ship, and that they aren't willing to put enough resources into a lost cause in order to get the missing feature out in time.


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