Preview Dead Space 3


Developer:  Visceral Games
Publisher:   Electronic Arts

Realease Dates:
 NA February 5th, 2013
 AU February 7th, 2013 (PC)
 EU February 8th, 2013


Hope. The only thing left to do for the fans of the Dead Space series, is to hope that their beloved brand doesn't get ruined by the new features that got announced recently.
More action and a co-op mode are the planned innovations for the third sequel, which could shred the tense and subtle atmosphere of the game to pieces.

Isaac and Carver.
But let's take a look at the story before we start judging: As it seems, the plot sends us, once again in the shoes of Isaac Clarke, out on a planet called Tau Volantis. Not only are there the ruins of another planetcracker ship to be found, but it appears that the miners of said spacecraft might have discovered the source of the Necromorph invasion, and with it the solution to wipe these fearsome creatures off the face of the galaxy. Isaac's ultimate goals will be to locate and rescue his missing friend Ellie Langford, as well as finally getting rid of the markers and their mindless minions.

The game will also introduce John Carver, an EarthGov Sergeant and survivor of the Necromorph incident on the planet Uxor, who is going to act as a co-op character and can be played by one of your friends via a Drop-in feature. As long as none of your  real-life acquaintances accompany you , he will most likely wait in your "camp"and function as an NPC.

Someone with a pretty negative attitude wrote this :/
As stated above, the game play will be more action-heavy. The abilities to roll and take cover could easily turn Dead Space into some kind of galactic pseudo Call of Duty, but it is definitely too early to damn the game for it.There are even instances of games that benefited from the addition of  a more action-oriented game play, the Mass Effect series for example.

Another innovation is the so called "Weapon Bench", which replaces the bench weapon upgrade system from Dead Space and Dead Space 2. You will be able to combine 2 weapon types , for example an assault rifle and a plasma cutter, and further it will give you the ability to use the hidden blueprints, which you can find throughout the game, to build pre-designed weapons as well.



Daniel Vávra, lead designer of the action-adventure Mafia, stated his opinion about Dead Space 3 in an interview and thinks that "it will be turned from something interesting into something nobody likes", and i am sure that what he says mirrors thousands of fans' fears. Don't get me wrong, even with the changes this might become an entertaining game. It may just not be a real Dead Space anymore.


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